If you have decided to buy car covers, you will find helpful information below.

There are different criteria and corresponding prices for the most diverse car covers. First, you can distinguish two types of car covers, the full garages, and the semi-garages. A full garage makes sense if your car is not protected by a carport or a garage. However, if you already own a carport or a garage, you can use a semi-garage to divert dust and dirt or to protect the car against moisture. There are different sizes of covers. Some car covers are only suitable for special models, others are universally designed for various makes and models and often not inferior.

A car cover meets different requirements. Some covers are made of an extremely thin material that sits lightly on the car and protects the paint from scratches, leaves and bird droppings. Other car covers are made of neoprene, for example, to protect against hailstorms and prevent moisture from entering. And still, others have special layers that guarantee cold resistance.

It is important in the case of buy car covers that the underside of the car cover is made of a soft material so that the paint is not scratched when placing the cover. In addition, the cover should be breathable, to prevent mold growth and to prevent the freezing of the cover. We also recommend making sure that the cover is water-repellent, as this way many problems can be avoided in advance.


Car cover: for what purpose?

Before you start buying a car cover, you have to ask the right questions. First, determine where your vehicle will be parked. If parked indoors (garage, car park, etc.), opt for a car cover dust and dirt. For a car parked outside, make the choice of a cover resistant to the various weather conditions possible (hail, snow, rain, etc.), to the UV rays as well as to possible external aggression (shock of doors, animals, etc.). ).

Buying car covers

The easiest way is to buy car covers online. On the Internet, you have the direct comparison of the various providers and prices. On https://www.carcover.com/ find the right plan and can also filter the cheapest provider. Also positive is the free shipping. Online providers can often offer cheap prices that cannot be offered in the store. The range of products is huge and you will find the car cover that suits your needs. If you are still dissatisfied with your purchase, you can return the products and get your money back. Car cover material


Pros and cons of a good car cover


Protection against moisture

Protection from animals

Protection against UV radiation

Protection against ice and snow

Protection against leaves, tree resin, bird droppings

saves scratching in winter

quickly and easily mounted

one-time and comparatively cheap acquisition costs

long life for high quality car covers

easy cleaning of quality car covers


Dismantling is necessary before every use of the car.